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We have been having a real issue - as are many of the clubs on the Mainland during this cold spell - with salt coming into the lobby of the club. If not dealt with properly, it can and does find its way to the ice. And it has some very serious affects on the quality and effectiveness of your curling ice. There are some ways we can all help alleviate this issue, namely:

  • Adhere to the 'No Street Shoes' rule. Never use any shoes you have walked across our lot in to curl with.
  • Give your street shoes that you've worn into the lobby, a really good wipe on the front mat. This helps deal with the salt that makes its way into the club from the street and parking lot.
  • Before you go on the ice, give your curling shoes/grippers a really good cleaning using the Boot Boys located before the doors to the rink.
  • If you notice any salt/sand patches in the lobby, let us know. We'll deal with immediatly.

Thanks to all who take the time to do this. You are preserving the best curling ice in the Mainland!

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