1. The game begins and ends with a handshake.
  2. The thirds decide who has hammer usually by flipping a coin.
  3. It is courtesy for non-throwing players to remain outside the hog line while the throwing player delivers.
  4. It is courtesy for non-throwing players not to congregate behind the opposing player who is holding the broom.
  5. Sweepers returning to the opposite end should walk single file rather than 2 by 2 so as not to block the view of the throwing players.
  6. It is polite to stop moving while a player is set to throw.
  7. Etiquette directs players to delay walking by another sheet until the throwing player facing you has released his/her rock.
  8. It is important to both call and furnish the opposing skip with plenty of notice if your team cannot make a game.
  9. The club should also be informed so free ice can be re-apportioned.
  10. A game can be played with 3 players each side. The club maintains a Spare List to make it easier to find a player.

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