Cloverdale Curling Club Executive 

President - Laureen Hull

Vice President – Catherine Fortier

Secretary – Dawna Benedict

Treasurer – Donna Mychaluk

Cloverdale Curling Club Directors 

Mark Ivy, Susan Martin, Nelson Silva

Masters Curling Club Executive 

        President:  Mike Bergerman

        Vice-President:  Carol Douglas

        Treasurer: Karin Fay

       Secretary: Gord Savard

Masters Curling Club Directors:

Bob Wilson      

Gary Cormack       

Laureen Gibson

Jane Lawson

Bob Tigar

Paul Davies

Sharon Olofson

Janice Kelly   

Member Reps

Curl BC Rep - 
Seniors President – Mike Bergerman

Manager – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Assistant - Sarah Bolton

Head Ice Technician – Mike Merklinger
Ice Assistants – Rhett Hildenbrandt, Ivan Chu

Concession – Fork & Knife Catering

Board Standing Teams

Club Team – Responsible for Communications, Marketing, Membership, Social, Volunteer

Chair - Catherine Fortier,  Susan Martin

Curling Team – Responsible for Bonspiels & Draws, Programs & Services

Chair –  Nelson Silva, Mark Ivy

Business Team – Responsible for Operation, Building & Facility

Chair – Laureen Hull, Dawna Benedict, Catherine Fortier, Donna Mychaluk

Finance Team - Responsible for Revenue Generation & Annual Budget

Chair – Donna Mychaluk, Dawna Benedict, Laureen Hull, Catherine Fortier

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